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"Jim Beneke, an incumbent school board member running for re-election this term, has been my neighbor and friend for more than 20 years. He’s always been kind, patient and welcoming. Jim thinks creatively about how to support our children’s mental health needs by looking at the many aspects of a child’s life that can impact them. One of Jim’s primary focuses is on lessening the achievement gap and promoting equity in our schools. This term, Jim will continue to create and implement policies to support our diverse student body, including our LGBTQ students and students of color. As a deep thinker and educator himself, Jim always considers the ways in which we can update our classrooms and teaching methods to best serve students.

I wholeheartedly trust Jim to make difficult decisions because I know firsthand how much time and energy he invests into researching issues and considering every perspective. Jim is a forward-thinking, passionate member of our community who truly loves and cares about his role as a school board member. I can think of no one better to serve our children and school district."   Jenny Robb

"I am a public school teacher, so I don’t have much spare time on my hands. But I have time to send a genuine endorsement of Jim Beneke for St. Louis Park School Board. I have known Jim for nearly 20 years, and I can sincerely testify to his integrity as a member of the community and his priorities concerning public education.

Jim’s agenda is relatively simple. He seeks policy solutions to improve equity for every student and studies best practices to benefit students, teachers and the community they serve. Jim’s experience as a current board member, a teacher and parent to three SLP graduates gives him the essential perspective to guide his thinking and decision-making.

These qualities may sound rather ordinary, but the hard work of good people who have made St. Louis Park into a destination school district should not be taken for granted. As some nearby districts lack direction or suffer from political theater and interference by external groups, St. Louis Park Public Schools have maintained their excellence and commitment to equity for every student because of talented people like Jim who place students, teachers and schools ahead of personal gain and political trends. Let’s keep it that way."  Joe Pastoor

"Jim’s thoughtful leadership is the style we need to successfully navigate the tough questions of how to best prepare our diverse student body for the future.

 In our years of friendship with Jim, we’ve found him to be a diligent listener; someone who is approachable by people from all walks of life and all ages.  He remains informed and open to new ways of solving problems.

Jim’s current teaching role at Normandale Community College and his past experience as a technologist give him valuable insight into what it takes to help students succeed in our rapidly changing world. 

He and his family have been long time residents of our city and his 3 children all graduated from the district.  The care and compassion Jim and his wife Linda have raised their children is reflected in the care and compassion Jim has for all the students, staff, and residents of the district.

No less significantly, Jim delivers his responsibilities to our community conscientiously and with integrity.  We are so grateful for his continued service." - Amy and Andy Willette

"Jim is open-minded and a great listener. He values and solicits opinions, and I feel strongly that these qualities—along with his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our students, teachers, families, and administrators—enable Jim to be a thoughtful and engaged member of the SLP School board."  Mary Pat Shaffer

I am running for reelection for the St. Louis Park School Board.  I have greatly appreciated the St. Louis Park community and its public school system. I have especially appreciated the diversity that exists in St. Louis Park and the commitment the community has to the well-being of every child.  I believe a vital public education system is essential for a society that strives for universal equity and opportunity.  I want to help the continued success of the St. Louis Park School District, while recognizing it struggles like many school districts to close the achievement gap.  I want to help it lead the way until the day success in school is not predictable from demographic data.

The strengths I bring to the school board:

* Experienced as a teacher of mathematics at Normandale Community College

* 24 year member of the community and 23 years experience in the schools

* Active volunteer, wide breadth of roles

* A deliberative and open-minded decision maker

* Treat all people respectfully and value their opinion

* Work cordially with everyone 

These qualities make me a good decision maker and an effective facilitator of communication between the school board and the community.

I would appreciate hearing from you.  I would like to know your thoughts and concerns about the school district.  You can do that by using the contact page, e-mailing me directly at, or calling me at (952) 212-7455.

Can you help?

If you can host a yard sign, write a letter to the editor, or help Jim in any other way, e-mail him at or call him at (952) 212-7455 

You can also use either the contact or volunteer pages on this website to contact Jim.

Please also like Jim's Facebook page "Jim Beneke, SLP School Board".

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