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Concerns and Goals

1. Equity

Make equity the lens for evaluating all our programs.

2. Learning Environment

Continually analyze which teaching methods best serve our learners and will support eliminating the achievement gap.  A shift away from teacher centered lecture classrooms to more flexible, inquiry based classrooms should be considered. Consider what makes for a welcoming environment for learning.

3. Whole Child

Support the whole child, including areas outside the traditional education mission such as mental health, family support, and nutrition.

4. Bullying

Strive to keep this issue in the forefront of our concerns.

5. Budget squeeze on public education

We must keep the state government from financing budget shortfalls with public school funds.  We must also make sure the funding formula keeps abreast with inflation.

6. Demonstrate that education at our schools can equal or exceed the experience that can be had at a private school.

7. Every child reading at grade level by third grade.

8. The aging population in St. Louis Park means a low percentage of households have children in the school system.  Maintaining community support of our schools is essential. 

9. Make Community Education a vital part of the mission of the school district.  Engage the entire community in lifelong learning.

10. Mental Health

Look for ways to support the mental health of our students.




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